How to implement a whistleblower channel in minutes?

Implement a complaints/ethics/alerts channel for your organization in minutes. No programming, no technicians needed. Try it on your own, or ask us for a demo.

Customize texts and workflows

Use standard categories and texts or adapt them to those of your company. Define the people responsible for each category and workgroups. Define security and data protection levels. From a simple organization to one with subsidiaries and differentiated management by categories and/or subsidiaries.

Connect to your dashboard and manage your requests

The system will send you alerts so that you can connect and manage the requests you receive in an agile and efficient way. Comply with SLAs without even realizing it. The system helps you to comply with the legal deadlines established for the management and conservation of information.

Choose your template and corporate colors

Within ten minutes you will have your channel ready with a corporate domain, your logo, and your colors. You will be able to access it from the intranet or from the corporate website. Here you can see ours as an example.

Copy the url on your website and you have the public channel.

Just add the channel by copying the corresponding snipet or the access link, whichever you prefer. You now have a reporting channel created, the alerters will be able to start reporting incidents.

Analyze and improve

Statistics, traces and evidence of system usage. Helps in continuous process improvement.

The simplest and safest channel for complaints

Comply with your compliance obligations in a few hours. Based on European regulations.