Integration of the complaints channel

Different regulations oblige organizations to implement a communication or complaint channel. Until now, most companies implemented an email as a mechanism for managing this channel. The data protection law establishes very specific characteristics of how a complaints channel should be. If something is clear to us, it is that an email does not meet the minimum requirements.

In the coming months we will see the progressive implementation of reporting channels, also known as ethical or alert channels. As these are channels that in many cases are managed by independent teams, in many cases the natural tendency is to implement independent solutions.

This is surely not the best approximation. It does not make sense to have different channels to solve the same need. Organizations with customer orientation and process efficiency will seek complaint channels that support the different regulatory requirements in a unified way.

Some of the mandatory channels are:

  • Labor compliance. Equality and Harassment.
  • Compliance Data protection.
  • Criminal Compliance. Complaints channel for UNE16901 / ISO 37301.
  • European Directive 1937/2019 Whistleblowing.

What should this unified channel fulfill? Apart from the different regulations regarding privacy and data confidentiality, the possibility of establishing specific workflows with customizable information depending on the category to be managed. Ideally, an integrated reporting, control and traceability system that guarantees the good use of the channel, as a control mechanism and continuous improvement.

ithikios , is a complaints channel in saas mode (in the cloud) that allows the different complaint channel needs to be managed in a unified way.

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