New functionality in ithikios, saas complaints channel

We present the new functionality in ithikios , the ethical channel / complaints / alerts saas. The solution is continually evolving. We like to listen to our clients, and learn from them. If they ask us for a functionality, it is almost always useful for other clients, so we incorporate it into the platform and we all benefit. The client who needs it has it at no additional cost, and the rest of the clients will also be able to use it.

In recent weeks we have been incorporating different functionalities that are increasingly improving our reporting channel management platform. We list some of the latest features incorporated.

New functionality in ithikios

  • Custom Questions . A bank asked us to be able to incorporate forms with personalized questions depending on the category of communication. Custom questions can now be incorporated into communication forms.

  • Subsidiaries with a personalized look . A foundation with several schools wanted to offer an ethical channel for their schools, managed centrally, but each with the school’s own image. It is already possible, from a single channel, to have different subsidiaries / entities and each one with its own corporate image.

  • More lenguajes . We have incorporated Portuguese to our platform at the request of a multinational with a presence in Portugal. It is incorporated into Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Catalan.

  • Improvements in the communication management process . A multinational asked us to be able to handle complaints based on categories and subsidiaries. We have created user groups that allow you to manage complaints in a matrix.

  • Improvements in conflict of interest management . We improve the automatisms to minimize conflict of interest problems when the denounced is the compliance officer himself.

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