The importance of a web complaints channel versus an email

If you do not want to receive complaints, you must make it difficult for them to be communicated. But, if you are aware of the importance of listening to the environment to detect irregularities, you must implement a complaints channel . It is very important that it is easy to use and guarantees the security and confidentiality of the information.

We have analyzed the data published by the Valencian Antifrau Agency in his memory of 2019 . The Agency implemented a complaints channel in 2018. Having previously, only email and registration as mechanisms to make complaints.

Evolution of complaints per channel in the Valencian Antifrau Agency

If we analyze the data, we can observe the growth in the making of complaints since the existence of the complaints channel. Registering through this channel more than 75% of the complaints received in 2019 and the complaints by email or general registry having stabilized.

Clearly the implementation of a complaints box, which allows anonymity, helps to discover actions carried out incorrectly by members of an organization.

The implementation of reporting channels, also known as ethical channels, will help create a culture of compliance in organizations. Something that, especially in countries like Spain, has not occurred to date and is even frowned upon.

ithki os, is the ethical / anonymous reporting channel that allows any organization to set up a reporting channel quickly and easily. The platform is implemented in saas mode (software as a service) and in a few minutes you can have a personalized complaint channel implemented for your organization. Try it from here or ask for a demo without obligation.

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