The importance of the whistleblowing channel in the UNE 19601

The UNE 19601 Standard offers a model for the design of the criminal compliance management system. It follows the structure created by ISO in different management standards such as ISO 27001, 19600 or 9001 among others. Let’s see the importance of the whistleblowing channel in the UNE 19601

The standard is aimed at continuous improvement, through the PDCA cycle, Plan-Do-Check-Act, in English PDCA, plan-do-check-act.

Implementing a criminal compliance management system does not guarantee that crimes will not be committed, but it does serve to prevent them and react and take actions before their possible commission. It is a control and surveillance system that makes the possibility of committing crimes more difficult.

The implementation of the UNE 19601 standard requires a series of actions that have an impact on the different interested parties such as shareholders / owners, the board of directors, employees, suppliers, subcontractors, clients and the public administration.

One of the essential tools for the correct implementation of the 19601 standard is the implementation of a complaints channel that serves all levels of the organization and facilitates the surveillance and assurance of the system. Identifying possible irregularities and establishing protocols to prevent them from occurring in the future.

The ithkios whistleblower channel is designed to satisfy the need for a whistleblower channel that complies with the 19601 standard and that allows it to be implemented very easily in organizations of any size thanks to its flexibility and simplicity of implementation and use.

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