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The white label in technology, the case of the complaints channel

If we talk about “white label” surely the first thing that comes to mind are the white brands that we find in large supermarket chains such as Mercadona, Carrefour, El Corte Inglés, Lidl or the different ones that Amazon is creating, among others. The customer’s trust is in the seller’s brand, the product and its manufacturer are not relevant, they are invisible to the end customer. Today we are going to focus on the white label complaints channel, and how it can help law firms.

What we see in consumer goods on a daily basis can also be applied to more sophisticated products and solutions such as technological ones. May exist standard technological solutions that are customized under the look of a vendor and for the end customer, the feeling is that the technology and service are provided by the vendor, regardless of who supplies the technology . If there is no technology provider transparency, the solution is perceived as a complete vendor solution.

This 2021, one of the solutions that will be most demanded by companies with more than 50 employees, will undoubtedly be the complaint / ethical / alert channel. Larger clients with legal teams or even a compliance officer within the organization itself will seek technological solutions that allow them to manage complaints internally. But, medium or small companies that do not have a compliance officer will look for complete solutions, technology and its operation.

Many lawyers and consultants, aware of this and seeing a possible business opportunity, are evaluating their strategy to respond to this need. . Soon, customers will start to demand your reporting channel. The largest firms will surely be looking for expensive international solutions, but with that international glamor that we Spaniards like so much in a totally unjustified way. Alternatively they will be wondering if they develop it internally, or they will even have already started the development. Medium or small firms will try to develop it by subcontracting their head computer or looking for cheaper but equally valid solutions.

The technology behind a reporting channel, apparently, is not very complex. But to comply with all regulations and achieve a product that is easy to implement in customers, the effort and budget for its own development increase significantly.. Maintenance costs are added to development costs, regardless of the number of clients you have. Furthermore, if a firm develops a solution, it is difficult for another firm, possibly a competitor, to want to use the same platform to generate business for a competitor or because of the risk that the competitor tries to reach the end customer.

For us, the complaints channel is a clear example of technology that can be provided with a white label. The differential value is not only in the channel, which has a very limited functionality, but in the global service that a law firm can offer on this technology.

Aware of this need, and trying to help in the digital transformation of the legal sector, we have designed ithikios pro , a saas complaints channel for lawyers and white label compliance consultants. The solution is designed to be distributed by compliance professionals under their own brand. We facilitate the management of the different channels from a single point, with a simple and sufficient configuration for 80% of customers. And the most complicated for the channels, complying with current regulations and applying the necessary security measures that do not comply with traditional forms or email itself.

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