Whistleblower channel or ethical channel?

Some organizations speak of the ethical channel, others instead of a complaints channel. What is the difference?

Basically, the difference is in the name. The word complaint has negative connotations that many organizations try to soften with the euphemism “ethical”. Both serve the same purpose to help identify bad practices within an organization.

Until now, and as a general rule, there is usually more talk of an ethical channel than complaints, but we believe that with the new DIRECTIVE (EU) 2019/1937 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL ) companies will begin to speak more about a complaints channel than ethics.

Be ethical or complaints, what is recommended is to implement an external channel, beyond a form on the web or an email. If you want to have a complaints channel to avoid receiving complaints, it is best to hide it or not facilitate anonymity. If what you have is a clear conviction from the management of the need for a complete and honest work, you have to make it easier for anyone who sees something incorrect to comment on it and thus ensure that the board of directors has a real vision of what is happening In the organization. Do not see things, do not claim responsibility for them, and be aware that if they are criminal offenses, they can have undesirable consequences for the members of the council.

ithkios, comes from ethical operating system. The operating system is what makes computers work and translated to companies would be the culture of an organization. With ithikios we help to implement ethics in the business culture, through training and the creation of anonymous and easy-to-use reporting channels. Without having to download anything and generating the confidence necessary for the observer of a crime to feel comfortable to explain it and thus facilitate its correction.

ithikios, is a software in saas mode, that is, in the cloud. No servers are required, simply an internet access to be able to navigate and safely access the system.

Request a demo of ithikios Without obligation, we will be happy to explain how it works and how easy it is to implement it in your organization. If you prefer you can test channel for free.

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