Who are the most interested in having a complaint / ethical channel in the company?

Surely the easy answer is to the question in the negative, who is not interested? Anyone who commits a crime will be more protected if there is no internal reporting channel. We are going to try to give a more precise answer to Who are the most interested in having a complaint / ethical channel in the company?

But to the question of who are the most interested, surely there are several people who are especially interested.

  1. The partners and shareholders of a company , who do not want the same crimes to be committed by anyone.
  2. The administrators and managers , that if they establish the appropriate protocols, including the complaints channel, they will not be responsible for the crimes that a member of the organization may commit without them being aware. This is very important, because if the management of the company acts with an ethical and transparent culture, it is the first interested in that no one in the organization does not do it in the same way, and the channel will help to avoid it. If it is the administrators or managers who are already acting incorrectly, the rest of the employees are the most interested in the existence of this reporting channel.
  3. Those responsible for Compliance / Compliance Officer . One of the basic tools of any Compliance Officer is the complaints channel. Generally, if this role exists in the organization, it is very likely that the channel already exists. But if it doesn’t exist, it’s the first thing you should implement.
  4. The Purchasing / Contracting Managers . Especially if purchases are made with the public administration, the appropriate protocols must be established to ensure that they act correctly and there is no indication of corruption. The non-existence of a complaints channel could cause certain hiring processes to be carried out, indicated by a director that are not correct, and subsequently, without proof, the person in charge of the purchases would have to respond to the incorrect act carried out. The message is, do not let what happens to Bárcenas or other PP commanders … who surely did what they were told, but they are the ones who are paying for the broken dishes.
  5. The middle tables that manage contracts, grants, sales, commissions, … Sometimes they do what the boss tells them, without thinking if it is correct or if they are committing a crime.

And surely, any employee , who acts honestly and ethically and does not want to be unnecessarily implicated in a crime that may be committed by the instructions of a third party.

With the new European directive DIRECTIVE (EU) 2019/1937 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL , in the absence of the Spanish transposition with the corresponding nuances, companies (beyond the public administration) with 50 or more employees or more than € 10 million in turnover will be obliged to implement an anonymous complaints channel. In less than 3 years, a company that does not have a complaints channel will clearly be a company that for some reason seems to hide something, and little by little, together we will ensure that no one wants to work in an unethical and transparent environment.

ithikios , is the saas complaints channel for SMEs, a tool that implements the complaint channel regulations and is quickly implemented in any organization to facilitate one of the key elements of compliance, the complaints channel.

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