Why is an outsourced whistleblower channel recommended?

The complaints channel / ethical channel will soon be mandatory for companies with more than 50 employees, but also for public bodies. The new EU directive 2019/1937, of October 23, makes the introduction of a complaints channel mandatory before December 2021, although smaller companies with less than 200 employees have a little more margin.

The complaints channel is the control mechanism to ensure compliance with the code of ethics and compliance established in each organization. Basically it allows a third party related to the organization to report a breach to help the company analyze the notification or complaint and act if it requires it.

One of the important points of the directive is the possibility of making reports anonymously to ensure that the person who reports the breach is not harmed.

To comply with the anonymity requirement, it is advisable to use a platform managed by a third party that allows information exchanges without revealing the personal data of the complainant. On the one hand, the outsourced platform must generate greater confidence in the complainant and, on the other hand, it will facilitate the entire management process to the compliance manager of the contracting company.

ithikios is an anonymous reporting channel that works in the cloud, with software as a service / saas mode. It does not require installation on the servers of the contracting company and in a few hours it is ready to meet the requirements of the new regulations in a simple, fast and efficient way.

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