Free access to the ithikios complaints channel

Would you like to implement a complaints channel / ethical channel in your company? Not sure which one to choose? Don’t you have criteria to decide which software is best for you?

Since ithiki We want to help you, we are convinced that you will like our complaints channel. It is simple, easy to configure, flexible and very intuitive for both users and whistleblowers. And to help you make the decision, you can access ithikios for free for 3 months, if you hire before 05/31/2021.

What do you have to do to get free access to the whistleblower channel? ithiki you? very simple, you must use the promotional code: “MAY2021”, when starting the platform trial .

ithiki os, the saas complaints channel, simpler, safer and easier to implement, now, free for 3 months.

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