Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is not necessary. We have designed ithikios to require only configuration and no programming. We are your IT person and we make sure that the channel always runs smoothly.

Yes, with the Premium and Business versions you will be able to customize the colors of the portal and the texts displayed.

The prices we offer are achieved thanks to the standardization of the product and the process.

If a customer wants to incorporate a new functionality, its interest will be analyzed globally. If deemed interesting, it will be planned and incorporated into the product.

We do not make specific developments for a client.

No, the Basic version is intended for smaller companies with up to 100 employees. If you have more employees, you will need to hire a Premium or Business.

European Directive 1937/2019 obliges companies with more than 50 employees or with a turnover of more than €10MM per year to have a whistleblower channel.

There are other regulations such as the Penal Code, the Equality Law or the Money Laundering Prevention Law that also impose this obligation.

ithikios can be configured in three modes:

– Anonymous support, which allows communications without identifying the person.

– Confidentiality

a) Acceptance of conditions and signature of specific documentation.

b) Software confidentiality mode, which prevents certain information from being viewed without prior authorization, and informs the alerted of this fact.

Yes, ithikios has been designed to comply with data protection regulations, strictly following the different requirements of the same.

Want to see what ithikios, the complaint channel, looks like?

Our complaints channel is an example of how your channel can look. You will be able to change the logo, colors, messages, categories and much more…

The simplest and most secure complaints channel manager.

Provide your customers with a complaint channel. Designed for lawyers and compliance consultants