How to implement an anonymous reporting channel in minutes?

Implementing any software always seems complicated and difficult to do, especially if you are not used to implementing solutions in the cloud or saas.

ithikos, is an anonymous reporting channel that is implemented in minutes and without the need for great knowledge to do so. It is a simple channel, but more than complete to cover the needs raised by legislation in relation to mandatory reporting channels.

In this post we explain the steps and keys for this easy implementation.

ithikios is in the cloud / cloud. What does that mean? basically you don’t need any server / computer of your own where to install it. When hiring it, a specific environment will be created for you with your image, your communications and your management team. Not having to install anything on your servers implies that from ithikios they take care of the maintenance, evolution and security of the environment, giving you peace of mind in these activities.

The key to being able to accelerate processes is standardization. Until recently, everyone asked for fully customized things, little by little, and as solutions mature, working with something standard with some customization has proven to be the best in terms of efficiency and cost.

The ithikios platform has different levels of configuration, we list below the main elements that can be configured:

  • Company logo.
  • Company domain.
  • Corporate colors. It is possible to change the colors of different elements of the public complaint portal to convey the corporate image.
  • Adaptation of frequently asked questions
  • Terms, conditions and data privacy
  • Creation of subsidiaries.
  • Category customization.
  • Work teams.
  • Predefined responses.

The first thing we must do to start using the new complaints channel is to make the basic settings of how we want users to see the portal (logo, colors, categories).

From this basic configuration, we will have our own url for the complaints portal that we will embed in the corporate website and it will be ready to go.

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