Updating the ethical channel and making it comply with the Protection of Personal Data

Most large companies are aware of the importance of Criminal Compliance and the requirements for its compliance. The smallest are not so, or do not have the resources to worry about something that is very important for the future of any company. With the entry into force, as of December 2021, of the new European directive 2019/1937 , many companies will need to update their complaints channel. Today we are going to focus on updating the ethical channel and ensuring that it complies with the Protection of Personal Data.

In most companies, compliance consultants have done a good job identifying risks and management protocols. But very few, comply with what is indicated in article 24 of the organic law 3/2018 on Protection of Personal Data, which defines how a complaint / ethical channel should be and what basic characteristics it must meet. We are thinking of seeing a practical case analyzing three large Spanish companies in the retail sector. Specifically, we have reviewed the ethical code of Inditex, Mango and Desigual, surely the three Spanish benchmarks in the retail sector.

We have located the three ethical codes on the web:

After a detailed reading of them, we can verify that in all three the ethical or complaints channel corresponds to an email address.

According to article 24 of Organic Law 3/2018 on the Protection of Personal Data, reporting channels must:

  • They allow anonymous complaints.
  • They must be confidential.
  • They must implement the retention periods defined in the law.

To meet these requirements, there are different technological tools on the market that, complying with the regulations, facilitate the implementation of the ethics / complaints / alerts channel.

It is important that once the effort has been made to implement compliance and the code of ethics, companies finish implementing it correctly with the appropriate technology.

In We have created a simple, secure and very easy-to-implement solution that facilitates the implementation of a complaints channel in a few hours, especially if all the previous work on defining protocols has been done or if there is a code of ethics for the organization. Don’t be left with an insecure email or web form, update your channel and make sure you are complying with the regulations. Our channel not only complies with article 24, it is also adapted to the new European directive for the protection of whistleblowers 2019/1937 and incorporates elements that facilitate the certification of compliance according to the new ISO37301, with elements that facilitate monitoring and evaluation actions continuous system.

You can try the channel directly from here , and if you prefer we can coordinate a demo . When you see it, you will want to implement it quickly, and in a few days you will have your personalized channel, with the look of your company and implementing the defined protocols and complying with the regulations.

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