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Should the reporting channel be an app or a web portal?

With the proximity of the entry into force of the obligation to have an internal complaints channel for companies with more than 50 employees according to the new European directive for the protection of whistleblowers (DIRECTIVE (EU) 2019/1937 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL ), apps that support this need are appearing on the market.

From ithikios, we considered approaching the channel as an app, but after an initial analysis, we considered that it was not the best option for the following reasons:

  • Anonymity . The user, in most cases, will want maximum anonymity. The installation of an app is not perceived as anonymous, since the owner of the device can be identified.
  • The frequency of use . It is considered optimal to have an app to respond to a need, when it is done frequently. We consider that the complaints will be made in a very punctual way and therefore it seems aggressive, to require the installation of an app to be able to make the complaint / communication.
  • The use of elements of the mobile , such as geolocation or access to the camera. Insisting on the concept of anonymity and privacy, in no case are specific functionalities of a mobile required.
  • Link the channel brand to the app . Unless they are made for very large clients, apps must have a channel-independent image, to be used in many companies. This generates confusion on the part of the complainant, who is not clear about who he is reporting. It would make sense if the complaints channel were a commodity provided by the device’s own operating system, a kind of mandatory iOS or Android app. This, for this type of application, seems impossible that it can be produced.
  • Simplicity for information entry . If the process is complex, a specific app may be designed to simplify the process. In this case, the information is minimal and it is easily implementable in a mobile-optimized web form.

Analyzing these points, it seems that the optimal path is a responsive web portal. In other words, a web page that is perfectly adapted for mobile devices.

  • Allows greater anonymity.
  • It does not require additional resources on the mobile device.
  • Allows access from any device that supports a browser.
  • It does not require reinstalling the app if there is any modification.

For these reasons, from ithik ios we are committed to a configurable and easy-to-install web portal with the brand of the organization that wants to implement it.

Does an app make sense in any case? perhaps if it supports the voice channel that should be offered as an alternative to whistleblowers. If this is not provided by the app, we consider that an app is not the optimal solution to facilitate an anonymous complaint / ethics channel.

ithiki provides you with an anonymous ethics / whistleblower channel in the cloud, also known as software as a service saas. The main features are:

  • Customizable for each client.
  • It allows anonymous communications.
  • Facilitates compliance with regulations.
  • Flexible and simple, without more complexity than necessary.
  • Designed to facilitate the subsequent complaint management process
  • Perfect to be managed both by the Compliance Officer of the organization, and by an outsourced compliance officer.

As it is not linked to a law firm, the client can independently manage the platform and the compliance service, facilitating supplier changes if at any time required.

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